"Scientifically Engineered and Designed in New York City"

PRIVATE STOCK LABS is a brand developed by J.K. Private Stock Inc., a global medical product manufacturing and distribution company. Scientifically engineered and designed in New York City, Private Stock Labs was born and inspired by the impact and effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Founder Jon Koon, has attained global accolades as an artist, designer, and pioneering entrepreneur. Rooted heavily in the creative industries, Private Stock Labs is Mr. Koon's vision of creating a modern and innovative product that promotes safety and health, while providing a twist of style and personality.
Science and knowledge are the driving forces behind Private Stock Labs. The current global environment is much more conscious about health and safety. It is important for the world's consumers to know what products are available, how they work, and which products are actually better in quality and function.